Beer Spotting?

Beer Spotting is an experimental means to make it easier to find special beers. Through Beer Spotting users can share beers they have found by giving the place, beer name and type and their estimate of how long the beer is available. The intention is not necessarily to add beers that one has tasted or is drinking now but rather to add interesting, desired or more special beers that other users might also want to find. A Beer Spotting can be an online shop beer as well as an IPA tap beer you just spotted in your favourite pub.

By adding Spottings you help the members of the community find new experiences, improve the conspicuousness of craft beer and increase your own reputation as a beer lover and especially as a Hop Hunter.

The Beer Spotting feature is only in the beta stage and to develop it we need the support, funding and development ideas from the community. A warm thank you for all the support.