We wanted to create a service that would facilitate the availability of better beers by improving the findability of those who produce and distribute them. Help us achieve this goal by participating.

Find your business and claim it!

If your business is listed in our service and you wish to claim it and add your own information to it, you may do so by following the steps below.

First you must register a Hop Hunters account. Once you have registered and activated your account, log in and Click the icon at the top-left corner. Search for you business. Open the listing by clicking on your business name. Look for the “Business Owner?” button and click it. Enter you full name, contact number, position in Business and a comment (for example, the additional information that will help us to verify your claim).

After you submit your claim, we will review it, verify your claim and email you confirmation (if your application is accepted).

After the claim process is finished, you can update your listing details and add new photos.

And why should you claim your business? It’s simple: it’s free and will boost your findability. In the future we may also develop additional features which companies can choose to pay in order to get access to all service areas and characteristics.

Finnish citizens and Finnish companies

Due to the Finnish alcohol legislation the service Finnish users must be private persons and Finnish listings are managed by the Community. Therefore Finnish users can not claim their businesses.