Hop Hunters is an online craft beer community whose main purpose is to facilitate the discovery of craft beer and connect the beer enthusiasts globally.

Hop Hunters is a free service, which enables searching and sharing of craft beer places and sightings.

In the future we may develop additional features which users or companies can choose to pay in order to get access to all service areas and characteristics.

Users can collect rep points by adding new listings and spottings or by writing comments. Every new accepted listing or spotting can yield 10 rep points. Every accepted rating or comment can yield five rep points. By collecting 50 rep points the user proves to be a loyal member of the community and thus earns the title Hop Hunter and full membership. As a Hop Hunter you can advance to higher levels and up to the fifth level. Every user who has reached the highest level will get, if he wishes, his name (and his own listing) on the Page of Gratitude.

You can change your information through the Settings page. You’ll find the Settings page in the user menu under the  Settings link.

In short: places that distribute beer (Beer Places) or sightings of beer (Beer Spottings). By sharing your experiences you make it easier to find craft beers and so support them, their producers and individuals who enjoy beer.

Beer Spotting is an experimental means to make it easier to find special beers. Through Beer Spotting users can share beers they have found by giving the place, beer name and type and their estimate of how long the beer is available. The intention is not necessarily to add beers that one has tasted or is drinking now but rather to add interesting, desired or more special beers that other users might also want to find. A Beer Spotting can be an online shop beer as well as an IPA tap beer you just spotted in your favourite pub.

By adding Spottings you help the members of the community find new experiences, improve the conspicuousness of craft beer and increase your own reputation as a beer lover and especially as a Hop Hunter.

The Beer Spotting feature is only in the beta stage and to develop it we need the support, funding and development ideas from the community. A warm thank you for all the support.

To create a new listing you must have a Hop Hunters account. You can create it here. If you already have an account and are logged in, you can create a new place with the  Add Place link in the Places menu.

To create a new spotting you must have a Hop Hunters account. You can create it here. If you already have an account and are logged in, you can create a new spotting with the Add Spotting link in the Beer Spottings menu.

If you want to make a correction you can use the ”Report this” button found on every listings page. Choose the feature you want and write the corrections in the appropriate field.

First you must register a Hop Hunters account and then add the place with the +Add Place feature. You can use the “Business owner/associate” setting to claim your business and this way edit the information also in the future. Your suggestion will then be reviewed. After checking the information your place will appear in the service if the listing is accepted.

Finnish citizens and Finnish companies

Due to the Finnish alcohol legislation the service users must be private persons. If you want to add a place you own yourself, you must register as a private person and then add the place with the +Add Place feature. In this case you can’t claim your business and the place is managed by the Community.

If your business is already listed in our service and you wish to claim it and add your own information to it, you may do so by following the steps below.

First you must register a Hop Hunters account. Once you have registered and activated your account, log in and find your listing in the directory. Open the listing by clicking on your business name. Look for the “Business Owner?” button and click it. Enter you full name, contact number, position in Business and a comment (for example, the additional information that will help us to verify your claim).

After you submit your claim, we will review it, verify your claim and email you confirmation (if your application is accepted).

After the claim process is finished, you can update your listing details and add new photos.

Finnish citizens and Finnish companies

Due to the Finnish alcohol legislation the service Finnish users must be private persons and Finnish listings are managed by the Community. Therefore Finnish users can not claim their businesses.

We gather business information from various public records and other sources. We also get information from our users. New content is added whenever we receive information from our users or we find something new and informative on the web. You can help us keep the information up to date by sending new information with the Report this -button (located at the bottom of every listing).

You can request your user account to be removed by sending email to info (a) hop-hunters.com. Note, that even though your account is removed from the service, the listings, spottings and comments still remain in the system but will be moved under Hop Hunters user name (Hop Hunters User @hhuser).

People have the right to share their opinions, feelings and findings. However, if some details are out of date, or there is clearly misleading information or abusive language you can send us a notification with “Report this” -button (located at the bottom of every listing).

We are using the Transposh WordPress plugin to automate the translation of our content due to a lack of resources. Language versions are experimental.