Hop Hunters could not have come into existence without the support and encouragement from a big number of people. This page is dedicated to all of our supporters and inspires.

Our humble thank you goes to…

Our Better Halves
for the understanding, patience and support. It is one of the noblest things to help another to follow their passion.

Our Friends and Family
for supporting our operation and giving your honest feedback.

Our Instagram and Facebook Followers
for giving us the inspiration to start all this.

Tommi Muhonen
for our awesome logo. Thanks buddy!

Tuomas Mikkonen
for the awesome portraits and photographs you took for us. Keep up your amazing work.

D. Gavenda
for taking the great shot of hops and distributing it for free. We use his photography in our background images.

Scott de Jonge from FlatIcon and Dave Gandy from FontAwesome
for the sharp and beautiful icons. (Our Map Pin is licensed under CC BY 3.0)